Happy post – Day 21 – Idli Saaga

  1. Hubby loves idlis so much that whenever we go out all he has is Idli vada, idli vada…
  2. My mom is a awesome cook minus her idlis
  3. I have always disliked idlis n used to tease that mom. Makes kal(stone) idlis
  4. Dad too loves idlis a lot
  5. All I could eat is lots of mom made vadas n only 1 idli
  6. MIL cooks idli ultra awesome
  7. So much so that I can eat MILs idlis just with chutney
  8. My dad too likes the idlis cooked by MIL
  9. Poor dad always mentions to mom her her idlis are good for the fear of not being served food in future..😂
  10. Whenever idli is cooked at moms house dad secretly mentions to me that it was Kal idlis.. 😋
  11. To impress the hubby when in bangalore I tried the idlis n it became super kal(read it as stone)
  12. Carefully took MILs recipe step by step n followed it, bought the urad dal n idli ravana from same shop as hers n tried no improvement in my Kal idlis
  13. Finally tear eyed I gave up cursing my fate of incapable of cooking good idlis
  14. In Toronto I gave a try once more n couldn’t believe my luck.. The idlis came super soft
  15. From then on my idli cooking skills has take a big leap.. Hurray
  16. Now idli vada sambar chutney is the way to hubby’s ♥
  17. The little brat loves idli too buy just with the ghee…
  18. Now and then the friends who have had my idli vada sambar loved it too..

Thus is the love-hate story of me n my idlis…😘 😃

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Happy Post-Day 20-143

“I love you Amma”

This is just enough to melt. My heart…

This is what my little one says these days.. Not when u want her to, but at her own sweet time, depends on her mood..

She says it so V sweetly that even if I am momentarily angry on her, all the time I anger is melted away…

The brat knows when to say that and shut me up.. The first time she did said it when I was least expecting it.. It was when I was taking her to the potty seat.. All of a sudden out of nowhere after I ran and urgently took off her undies n was waiting eagerly for her to pee there comes her first golden, platinum precious, priceless sentence “I love you Amma” to add to my joy she did it while taking me closer ans wrapping her arms around my neck and hugging me n top of it kissed me too….. Wow it meant the world to me… 😘

This was not today, but few days back.. But whenever I remember it I have a smile on my face that never fades…

She now uses it, rather cunningly uses it sometimes when she is full n I still try to feed her… So smart these kids r I say…

I smile n feel joy as I write this.. I just hope that her affection and her display of affection to on never fades… 😘 love u too baby.. U will always be my little baby..

OK now I hv tears rolling down my cheek..

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Happy post – Day 19-free time

Dinner prepared and ate dinner by, 8:30 pm.. Lunch boxes packed and stacked it fridge for tomo.. Dish washer loaded n counter clean..

Yes it is definitely an achievement on a weekday especially after office..

Spent that little time with My little brat n read her a book.. It was fun explaining my own story with the facts n figures she understands…

Then the little one tried to explain the same to her dad… Oh such sweet moments…

I will leave 2 pics that I captured especially for the blog…

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Happy post – Day 18- not So happy 😓😔

I know I signed up to write 100 happy posts, but I can’t lie;There is nothing happy right now..especially not about my detoriarating health.

It’s almost been 3 weeks that it started, extreme low back pain..its happened before once in 2011 and again in 2014 and now again it stikes..

That too in the middle of demanding work envt, no maid house n a active toddler..

I was diagnosed as bulging disc condition,which mostly I was told due to the long sitting condition..

The first day I visited the physio it was so worst that I could not bend to pick up my office bag and asked him to help me pick it from the ground

The next few weeks I felt i was recovering but the  condition still persists, the pain shifts from left to right..it hurts like crazy when I toss and turn in the bed..gas makes things worse..just when I thought I am ok Sunday night felt a nerve pull in both the legs n low back hurt

Took leave but soon changed my plan n WFH to avoid work pilling up..after  a long time I cried on phone with mom n dad, I rarely do that..today all of a sudden felt helpless n lonely..

Hubby has been a great support but I am still feeling helpless.  Today morning while putting undergarments to snow I just couldn’t bend..felt v ashamed n sad n angry on myself..hope this shall pass too m I will recover to never experience the horrific pain again..

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Happy post- Day 17-Fav toy

Happiness is finding snow her current fav toy. That is veggies and cutter.. Bless toys r us for holding this in toy..

Snow completely enjoyed cutting her veggies n fixing it back… 😘 she is totally excited..

I am sure when she grows up she would realise that cutting veggies is no fun…

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Happy post – Day 16 – Sullu

Withoutany reason was feeling lil low today and there came sullu..

Enjoyed watching it thoroughly..vidya balan has done justice to the role..

Lazy Saturday, pav bhaji,walk in the rain..back home and another movie…

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Happy post – Day 15-my little genius

I don’t want my little snow to become a genius like Einstein, I am happy with her little genius head… 😘

There was a jigsaw puzzle that hubby got a while ago, it had 24pieces and many times with hubby’s help she used to complete it..

I used to let hubby stay far n just watch her, the brat always used to ask for a “which One which one” and take hubby’s help.

Today hubby mentioned that she did it all by herself without him helping, I dint believe him.. I again asked her to do it n my little snow completed the jigsaw all by herself she just called me to watch it n encourage her.. 😁

Thank God she will not be a buddu bondu baba like I tease her sometimes.. The little joys of her growth gives so much satisfaction n happiness… 😘

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