Happy post – Day 95 – Stress busters

I had an awful day @ work..

Just spending around 30 mins with my snow in the playground after picking her up from daycare..acting silly with her, running around the slides, tagging each other was so can stres-free wow..always knew it bit first time felt it truly 100%

Kids are a bundle of joy..

Truly felt blessed..😍😙

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Happy post – Day 94- secret wish (one in the huge list)

I am sure we all have a huge list of some secret things that we have tempted to do..One such tjing that crossed my mind recently when I saw the paper boat ad was this…

I always wanted to do this…

“Pull the chain in a running train”

so what’s ur naughty secret wish list..do share it would be fun to read..

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Happy post – Day 93 – Ugadi 2018

Sunday was our New year- Ugadi according to the Hindi calender.

Ugadi is a big deal back home..oil head massage, head bath, eating been leaves n jaggery soon after bath..pooja to God n a host of festive food

Did not wanted to be left behind, moreover it was a weekend.

Invited a North Indian family, chose them over a new Kannada couple who we were due to invite just because the north Indians would not celebrate..

Last moment, on Sunday morning the friend cancels on coming for lunch that too over a imo chat..reason : it is first day of navratri (choti) n we both r fasting…informed u so that u shouldn’t prepare for us..u finsh off ur lunch n let us know we will come n meet ..

who does that???

We were v close initially, there were some misunderstanding but we r still in touch, meet but rarely..there is so much negativity from the women I say..at times she is v sweet..took care of snow, even fed her on one day when I was working on a weekend..believe me we both r so good to their kids..the younger one loves hubby n me..the lady is v fickle minded..harsh comments, take it for granted attitude, superiority complex..

for those old times sake I had invited and also planned to include some Paneer curry in the menu assuming they may not be completely like south Indian food..

ok it’s a happy post..so lemme concentrate..not getting disturbed we continued with our festival preparations I prepared the customary lemon rice ( mango was not availavle) kosambri n bele obattu n obvsly holige saaru…slurpp the food was really delicious made me very proud…

after quick yummy lunch decided to go for shopping..snow had lots of fun..then returned home in the evening n again prepared the rest of the obattu..

a well spent festival

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Happy post-Day 92 – zzzz

The happiness quotient of the weekend is when snow refused to take a afternoon/evening nap on Sunday n I drove the dad n daughter duo out of the room n took a nice 2 to 2.5 hrs nap..Zzzz.

wow I rarely get such chances, n usually too many things would be cropping in my mind, guilt, to do list etc.. fought with all that n had a nice snory relaxing nap..

Loved it totally..😊 should do it more often..🤔

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Happy post – Day 91- simple lessons from snow

Kids teach us many many lessons in life.. Patience, unconditional love, innowhencence etc etc no doubt about it..

One such thing that that I observed n learnt was to be happy n content with simple things in life..

Needless to say, the hubby doesn’t think twice before buying anything for the darling daughter.. I m no less but can’t beat the dad here..

Whenever I visit the dollarama store, I kind of get crazy, I browse the shelf for new stocks, pick up small items that I find unique.. I never fail to buy some small toys to snow too..

I have observed almost from when snow was small.. No matter how.any expensive, branded toys we get,she loves playing more happily n Contently with the less expensive, simple toys..

The time she spends with these simple toys, the joy she gets playing with them is nothing but a lesson to us..

Should be happy n content with simple small things in life… Thanks my daughter for teaching such a lovely lesson in life by ur simple actions.. 😘

Here are some pics where she was having a ball of a time with some simple eggs, plastic colorful Easter eggs with colorful candies.. 😘

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Happy post – Day 90 – India here we come- Vacations

Yippe finally booked our India vacation tickets..

Aug 17th outward flight till Sep 11 ( yes 9/11) we did not choose this date on purpose but realized only while booking 😐

This is a much needed, wanted, awaited, craved vacation..

Snow who refuses to talk to her grandparentson phone n video chats can not only meet them in person but also spend some quality time with them too..

Finally after 2 years I will truly be calm without having to worry about office work..carrying a support incident managers role n phone for any in office n ooo issues for 22 applications ufffh..i wanna just enjoy this period…

me n hubby both being great foodies have a growing list of stuff to eat when we r in India…i am ignoring all the healthy eating etc etc logic for that duration 😉

wanna meet friends n family..

on a serious note hope our hous3 registration is accomplished (fingers crossed)

have a huge list of items to carry to and from…i am already having a book and am starting to list down so that the important ones are not missed..

yeah I am excited….

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Happy post-Day 89- snowbits2

  • snow started calling her teacher A as Mr.A 😉 thankfully the teacher takes it in good spirit
  • Plays v nicely with her peppa character dolls n talks to them n does a v nice pretend show
  • is picking up new words, asking lots of questions
  • funniest was she says” appa I want to carry you” for please carry me..😊🤣😉
  • when asked which music she likes in daycare mentions peppa pig music n the teacher plays for her…so sweet
  • the teacher A actually calls her peppa snow..😊😉
  • now speaks about her new friends by taking their names..
  • when I come out of kitchen for a brief period n try to dance on her rhymes; she pushes me back saying no ma no u go to kitchen 😉 I fake cry n plead her n soon she will ask Amma u like to dance, ok come n dance…sweetu
  • when she doesn’t wanna come she says ” I don’t want to come too” ha ha
  • in order to ask ‘do u want to go to popoo’ she says ” u like poopoo” eeeks..i laugh n say no like kanna it’s want.. 😉
  • she loves muddy puddles n doesn’t leave any opportunity to jump on it..just like peppa.
  • when she doesn’twant anyone to come to her she says “u stay there”
  • when she doesn’tlike us kissing her she usually says ” no kisssi..I don wann it” ‘ u take it back’ 😊
  • dog becomes doggy, cat catty, horse is horsy..😋
  • still at 3 speaks v cutely n some words r not v clear but I don’t want to fret about it..sometimes when I see n heat other kids of same age speaking I get into comparison mode..but immidietely tell myself..no comparing; each one is different..
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