Book Review- Tantra by Adi

Title : Tantra
Author : Adi
Publisher : Apeejay Stya Publishing
Year : 2013
ISBN-10 : 8190863622
Pages : 344
Price : Rs. 195



The story is about Anu Agarwal bought up in New york who is a vampire hunter.She has very good reputation as a vampire hunter alias guardian in New york.
She roams around the city in the nights, near the night clubs, pubs where the vmampires exist and hunts them down. Life will be calm and as usual until her
personal life goes fo r atoss, Brian her boyfriend is killed brutally. She decides to come to the Inidan capital New delhi, for veganance, although not sure
about the person who killed brain the only clue available is the location of the killer that points out to New Delhi.

Delhi on the other had has a whole lot of things to offer. she wanders in the streets of delhi in the nights to catch a glimpse of vampires and only later
learns the fact that Delhi is very unlike New york where she used to hunt the vampires in the night. Delhi was mostly in harmony.She meets an interesting
colleague Amit who has his own ways of dealing with vampires and conveys the same to Anu.There is an Aunt who is behind her for her marriage, A typical Aunt
who plans and arranges for the families to meet up and so called “Dekha Dekhi ritual”

Soon Anu realises that in Delhi she has a very different issue to tackle, innocent children’s life is at stake due to a Tantric Head Senaka.She takes help of
Dr sharma who helps her understands the power of Tantra, mantra and also teaches her how to use the astra’s and chant the mantras.

My Take-

I was very thrilled to see an indian author write about a Female oriented Vampire hunter… That was the first reason why I applied for the book review.The
cover page is very promising and tempts to read.

What was good-

– The plot where Anu first time encounters the tantric Guru Senaka with his rituals in front of the fire.This is very interesting and well explained.
– The scene between Anu and the spiritual Guru Grover where he explains her Maya, threads with the help of Tea was very interesting.
– A good explaination of the traditional concepts like Tantras and stuff which is not a common knowledge

What should have been better

– A little background about how Anu came into this profession of being a guardian for huntind down the Vampires. This is completely lacking and would have
added interest in the readers as the concept is relately new and interesting too.
– The narration should have been a little more short and crisp in most of the places. I found it was v eloborate and dragged.
– The concept of so called “Shifting” There is absolutely no explaination given to it, it would have been better if it was explained a little.
– Initially the story moves v slowly and it picks up the plot only in the later part, the reader may feel little bored and loose the intrest soon.
– Some parts are un-necessarily dragged adding pages to the book.

Overall the author has made a good try in attempting to the new areas and has done a good job.
I would rate a 3/5

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Another milestone Crossed!

I am now officially into Club 30!

My Thins to do Before I turn 30 list was not very complicated, but simple.. One highlighted wish that I was very close to reaching and that which has brought me immense pain was to have a kid before I turned 30..

I was very close to this, but yet again couldn’t fulfill this wish..

When I got pregnant, I fed the relevant data into an online Delivery data calculator and guess when was the Expected delivery date?? On my B’day 2nd Feb 2013..This date was very much significant to me because On this particular day I would turn 30 too and my wish would also have come true.. I was immensely happy and was crossing my fingers… But Since life took a U turn, this B’day was of no significant importance…

I abstained myself from any celebrations, argued with Appi that I did not wanted any celebrations, cake cuttings etc.. Poor guy half-mindedly cancelled the cake he had ordered… How shall I celebrate my B’day when god did grant me the pleasure of celebrating my baby’s B’day.. If everything had went well then by now I would have had my baby in my arms and would have been on Clod Nine and would have double celebrations..

We went to a temple in the morning and had our late breakfast outside… Appi won the argument on going out for a nice dinner. Since I did not wanteded him to feel bad I agreed for it.. We were back from grocery shopping after breakfast and reached home..Bell rang and when I went to attend, I was surprised to see my parents, bro and Bhabhi @ the door.. They gave me a surprise visit, It was all planned along with hubby’s involvement.. It was very nice to receive them… Bhabhi made a hand crafted greeting card with all the wishes put on it…

We spent a nice time, chatting and they revealed me how they made this master plan along with Appi. It felt nice to be surrounded with family who cared for me the most!! Felt blessed too!! We went out to have a quick lunch and retuned back home.. My family made sure that I was not left alone on this particular day and kept me engaged… We played a new game called “Taboo” and it was super fun.. Soon it was evening and it was time for us to go to the dinner place… We all got ready and left..

Dinner was very good, food was awesome and we all enjoyed the food.. After dinner they left and we both returned…

When we were almost getting ready to sleep, bell rang again and my family gave another surprise and stayed over… This time Appi was not a partner-in-crime and he too was surprised.. It seems it so happened that Appi had passed the car in which my family was hiding in the basement but did not realize their presence. Again another round of games was started.. We played Pictionary and cards till 3:30 am… What a fun it was with family…

I am very thankful to my family for being around and making this day Less painful and also making me feel special!! Thanks to Appi for being at my side during all the time.. I am blessed to have such a family (Touchwood)! Alas I could not add a new addition to my family before I turned 30!

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Blog-a-thon Jan 2013 – An achievement

Yippie! Successfully completed the Blog-a-thon Jan 2013… This is my first achievement in this new year!! I was doubtful myself if I will complete it, and yes I did it..

Some points to gather

1. I may not take up this at least for this year… It was an achievement yes, but I had to be on my toes..

2. I am not a person who plans for topic and keeps them written down, saved in drafts and then publish it each day…

For me ideas has to flow naturally and demanding 1 each day for the 31 days was a serious issue which I survived

3. Appi would be the most happiest one as he would get to spend more time with the Laptop (Did you guess me oh forget it)

4. For my fellow Blo-a-thon mates!! Cheers we have reached the Finishing Line!

5. Thanks to all the sweet people who put up with my daily posts, read them and commented on them too!! Love u guys!!

6. It gave me a feeling that if I take it up some challenge, I can acj=hievei twithout breaking it!! Wow that’s one hell of a feeling!!

7. I regret that this did not allow me to complete my current book.. Probably now that it is over, I wanna concentrate more on reading..

8. This has definitely made myself aware of the fact that I can be more saner when I blog regularly.

9. I will promise to be more regular here..

10. Special Thanks to RS for the idea and keep the ball rolling!

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Office Rant

Mind is not blank but is filled with lot of stuff..

Had a farewell party for our Ex manager and had a nice Lunch @ Mainland China..

Came back from Lunch and had a heated discussion with out Current Manager Y, Such an idiot guy he is… He does a lot of Micro-Management…. Ex was such a sweet-heart, always gave us our own space… I am not liking this transition ans am defenetely going to Miss our Ex…

Just back from a heated discussion and my head is aching badly, need to sit in office for a meeting till 9:30 or so… OMG.

I am glad abt the cubicle ladies, coz talking to them and getting out of my system is very much like a stress buster..

I generally do not blog about office rant, but right now I feel a need to get it out of my system..

Conversation B/n colleague R and Manager Y-

R- I cannot stay late as I am carrying..

Y – Already?????

R did not wat to say?? “Oh yes Already the bun is in the oven”… 😛 would be a suitable answer I guess

Y- See you cannot say like that, This project is very Important to me…

R- See Y, right now my baby is very important to me than anything in this world…

Such conversation continues almost daily and each day Y tries to give her Stress and our Very intelligent R, smiles and laughs it away giving him more stress!!she comes and tells it to us in the Ladies cubicle we all add humor to it and make a Stress buster

I like the way she is dealing with her stress, coz otherwise it will affect her baby, especially when she is in her first trimister..

I too want to be relaxed but just cannot take his crap all the time! Ufff I am ending this post her with a Period.

P.S- I did not want to put up a Rant post in this Blogathon but this had to come out of my system.

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Coorg Home-stay Day 2

Coorg is called the Scotland of India as explained very clearly in this link

Our Day 2 started with a continuous knock on our door… Knock knock ….after few seconds knock knock knock…

I grumbled and opened the door, was unable to open my eyes, rubbing my eyes continuously I could see Mr SN Standing with his tooth Brush in his hand, demanding me tooth paste… Grrrrrrrr It was 7:30 and I decided not to hit the bed again n went to loo and washed my face… Wow wat a beautiful weather it was… I could hear birds chirping, koli kooging.., The dogs had its usual style, whenever anyone outside the family is seen it barks until he realises that they don’t care anymore…

I immediately took the camera out and took few snaps… I cudnt wake up Appi as he needs coffee or tea, hence asked the kid for some coffee.. Organic coffee came immediately and we all were ready to have it to kick start our day… Appi was woken up and coffee was served!! Then instead of wasting time, we decided to walk around the estate and explore the area… We went with our shoes and Appi took the lead whom we all followed… It was a very awesome nature walk, en route we examined all the trees, bushes, shrubs etc… we reached the river where the other occupants were playing in water.. We instead choose to do some rock climbing and then realised it was a dead-end… It was soon 9:00 and we all felt hungry, we decided to come back soon after lunch and en-route I chased the kolis (hens) and played hide n seek with it…

As soon as we reached, we were hoping breakfast was ready and so was it… We got fresh and entered their home, The breakfast was Puttu in the shape of balls and mixed veg curry and chutney… The hot-case full of puttu balls were emptied and we had an awesome filling breakfast.. Mr A’s mom came and talked to us, she was very nice lady and talked nicely… We played cricket with Mr A’s son who was 1st std, he was too enthu and scored around 52 runs while we gals hardly scored 6 to 8 runs.. 😥

A helper came to take water out of the small cute well, while me and Appi fought to do it ourselves… Chance by chance and Appi took water out of the well… It was an experience!! Took some pics of it too…

We were informed that we could shift, we examined the first floor rooms, it was more spacious and neat than where we stayed earlier, The balcony was huge and the rooms were huge too, we also had a common drawing-room too.. Hence we took the opportunity and packed our stuff and shifted here… Played pictionary again, then they decided to play carom which I am v bad at hence I grabbed this opportunity to be myself… I read a book “Shadow princess” peacefully for a long time… Then when I was almost feeling sleepy, the lunch was ready and yes we thought we may not be feeling hungry and went down for lunch…

Lunch was a wide variety spread… Rice, veg palya, chicken curry, fish cutlet, veg cutlet, some mango gojju, papad and curds… Seeing all this our hunger increased and we had a yummmy delicious home cooked food….Then obviously after the heavy lunch we all decided to take a nap… I did not get sleep so used this time again to lie down on the diwan in the balcony… Cool breeze, a good book and a nice place wow!! After an hour I hit the bed too.. Got up at around 5:45 or so, again had some Coffee and instead of sitting there we decided to again go down to the river… sang some songs, did merry and put our legs in the river water… wow was a serene weather it was…. Very silent, pure air, fresh water and good company…

Returned back before it was dark and S and I had bath while the men chatted, when I came out to the balcony the scotch was ready along with some saviourues…

Had a nice time chatting up and playing cards… Again we were informed that dinner was ready.. We had asked them to cook something simple as we learn that Mrs A was unwell. Still they had Rice, dal, salad, bendi fry, papad, curds and pickle for dinner. We enquired about Mrs A’s illness and it seems she just fell unconscious and was given glucose.. The grandma I mean Mr A’s mom told us that they generally don’t serve lunch and since we were freely talking to them, they agreed to serve lunch… It was v sweet of them to hv taken all this cooking when the DIL was unwell..

After dinner, pictionary sessions were continued.. later  at 11:30 we realised that we had to leave soon the next day hence packed stuff and hit the bed…Woke up at 5:00 am and left Coorg @ 6:00 am and travelled back to Blore.. On the way we saw sunrise, sang along.. SN and S slept on the back-seat while me n Appi played Antakshari..

All in all it was a nice relaxing weekend gateway!

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Coorg Home-stay Day1

Here I am, this is me There’s nowhere else on Earth I’d rather be

This was the feeling I had when we had been to Coorg home-stay!

This is probably the first time we relaxed on a vacation, whenever I heard someone talk about a relaxing weekend and not visiting places, I used to wonder as I am a person who wanna visit new places and explore new things… However this time the motto was different, It was to Relax on a vacation…and that was achieved 200%

First time I also felt that the weekend was Long, yeah can you believe it, every time I used to feel that weekend just came by and flew away….Unlike every weekend this time it was Long and I could feel it.

Day 1

Got up very early @ around 4:15 am, prepared Tea, took head-bath and started from home @ around 5:00 AM towards South Bangalore and picked up our friend SN and his wife S. Hubby drove till Mysore and I occupied the front seat and left the back-seat for the newly wedded couple..Chatter, gossip, incidents and School memories were chanted, retold and re-discussed… We never tire to do this.. Especially with the school gang… Poor S might hv got bored of ot by now.. First stop was Adigas near Maddur at 8:00, breakfast was good as usual… and again started our journey.. Played some fun Games which would help them know about each other etc… it was fun…

Before checking Into the Home-stay  we visited the Tibetian colony and Golden Buddha temple, clicked some snaps and then went to Nisargadhama.. Nisargadhama was one of the places visited in our 10th std trip… It was a major let-down to us as it was crowded and we were literally pushed and pulled on the hanging bridge filled with people… We went to a quite (rather tried) place, put our legs in the cold water.. The water was again contaminated,It was sad to see that the visitors threw food, snacks to the fishes and polluting the water, sad to see the rabbits chewing on the plastic bottles threw by some people…We clicked few snaps and decided to head towards our Home-stay after having yet again – let-down-food at the food court adjacent to Nisargadhama..

Here begins our happy time…

Checked into the Homestay, which was a home in between the 2 acre lands, Planted with coffee, pepper,Teak, Rose, some veggies, fruits like butter fruit, jack-fruit, Bananas, some veggies and lots of flower bushes… There was a river flowing very near-by to the estate..They had reared pigs, Kho kho Koli (hen) and 2 dogs and 3 cute puppies..haan and a cow too.. There was pulping in progress and the labourers were busy in their works while their children were playing around the estate..

We first thought of taking a nap, but changed out mind and instead just sat on the diwan’s placed in front of our rooms and rested while we enjoyed the panoramic view of the estate We were 2 minded whether to walk around the estate or take a much-needed nap. To add to our confusion we were served cold drinks… After lazing on the diwan for long, I decided that both the men who drove us safely needed a nap.. Hence we took a quick power-nap..

After a quick nap and we were welcomed by Organic Coffee, we took a small walk around the house.. The owner Mr A came to us and was talking nicely, answering all our queries, letting us know more about his estate.. He was v nice to us and enquired if we need  anything… The men asked for the some Non-veg starters n some non-veg food for dinner.. We were provided with fish fry, fresh from the river. S and me joined the men with some savouries we took along with  Gooseberry-Wine that was prepared by them…

Wine never tasted so sweet… I liked it a lot and had more than what I had planned… Dinner was ready in no time.. We were invited to have dinner in their home, the dinner was a spread of, Rice roti, veg- Sabzi, Fish fry, chicken curry, Veg-Fried rice and raitha…The food was just Yummmyyyyyyyy Tasty…Their family treated us very nicely and offered us some fruits to eat.. We were also told that we cud shift to the first floor of their home once the occupants of the rooms went away…

We went back to our room which was adjacent to their home, Then we played Pictionary… Oh god how much fun we had guessing other persons drawings…The gooseberry wine was emptied down… After that around 12:00 ish we suddenly decided to take a walk.. The moon was bright in the sky and we were walking amidst the trees. Suddenly I got scared thinking about tamarind trees and all non-sense… Hence we came back  and settled in our den..

At around 1:00 we decided to go to sleep..Zzzzzz wow had a very relaxing day with awesome food and great hospitality!!

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Home stay

Our stay here is v homely n we r having a gala time…ppl are v warm n friendly…

Out of our routine life, this relaxing weekend gateway was v much required…loving the plaxe, food n hospitality..

Will write in detail as soon as we r back..hv a great weekend guys..

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