Happy Day post- Day 100 Acceptance

It looks like I really waited for a long time to post something special for my 100th Happy post.

Nothing can beat this…I couldn’t have asked for more…

Getting married to a person from a different cast was the toughest decision of my life till now..This was because I was v scared and worried about how he would be accepted in the family..especially the fact that I may hurt the feeling of my parents who are extremely important to me in my life…

Still I had to take this decision..Not that I forced my decision upon them but I made it v clear that he would be my preferred choice and we would wait until they accept us both..

We (me n hubby) together fought a battle and finally they accepted us (may not be whole heartedly) and we r happily married today for 7 yrs (touchwood)..

I always hoped that my parents would like and accept my hubby into the family.. the acceptance came from everyone in the family..Naturally my hubby was liked by all the cousins,elders n kids..I guess he has a natural quality in him which was likable..

He love kids n does like spending time with them too..

I could see that my aunts n uncles liked him very much too although they always had this caste thing as a barrier in their minds..The acceptance came v naturally from my Granny n grandpa too..they both really liked him..Alas they cudnt spend more time with him..but in the short span of time they did shower hom with love n respect…

I dont know and don’t mind what my cousins,aunts,uncles talk behind our backs about us and him..which I know they do..but frankly I dont care..

My first n foremost was how my Dad n mum feel about it..and they were good and I believed truly that they liked him a lot too..The time spent with my parents and us was amazing n would always remain in my memory..esp during my pregnancy n a while after snow was born…

Parents have always spoken frankly n have shown their likingness toward hubby but…

The bestest acceptance or should I say love or my enviest moment n happiest moment was when what Dad recently told me…

“Even If I had searched a boy for you myself…I dont think I could have found one like Appi..” Appi is hubby’s nickname…

I couldn’t have at all asked for more ..

I dont wanna jinx it..I just hope the love remains the same..infact grows more over the years….

Thank God for all these blessings…

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Happy post-Day 99 – Mother’s day gift

Mother’s day was round the corner and I was getting anxious to see if my snow’s daycare had any event planned n was disappointed that norhing came up..

Last year the mommies were called for a high tea in her private daycare..i proudly attended it along with other mommies..got to spend some time in daycare with snow n enjoyed seeing her so things in front of me…

I was picking her up a day before mother’s day n her fav teacher A, asked me if I wanna know what snow told about me when asked ” You love your mommy because….”

Guess what my little one said

“she cooks me pumpkins” 😍😘😚😙😗

This made my day…aweee she probably meant cooking dinner/lunch in common..but aweee so sweet…

Best mothers day gift ever!!

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Happy post – Day 98-Indian chats/food

Was craving to have nice Indian chats/Soup masala papad finally went to the 2 restaurants

1. Bombay street food

2. TYC- The yellow chilli by Sanjeev kapoor.

Bombay street food was a huge success as the Bombay sandwich was awesome n so was the sev puri.

TYC was a little let down as I did not enjoy the tomato soup n masala papad much..but the jeera rice n dhaba tadka dal was too good..

needless to say enjoyed the time spent in the restaurant with hubby n snow..

Leaving behind some pics for the memories.

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Happy post – Day 97 – little snow is on the role..

Paw patrol, Paw patrol is all that I hear these days….

Rider, Zuma, sky, chase, rubble.. .ok I can only recall this much for now..

The little brat got all the names by heart after watching paw patrol for 2 days..and here I am still struggling to get the right names..

  • Paw patrol underwear
  • pp shirt
  • pp jacket
  • pp water bottle
  • pp shoes
  • pp umbrella
  • pp sipper
  • pp this pp that..

oh forgot her pp stuffy toys..dats what she calls them..

Take her to play slide n she slides with chase.. all the time she will be ” don’t worry pups” I will rescue you..

” No job is too big no pup is too small ”

oh my head spins as the pp theme songs plays in my mind in infinity loop…

so much so that the little brat opens het eyes only when we say..” come let’s watch paw patrol..”

” Paw patrol is on the role”

Life is also rolling by surrounded by snow n her latest undying passion..paw patrol!

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Happy post – Day 96 – spring..

finally irs spring here..Its April 30th and now I can confidently say the snowy days are over (touchwood)

The rainy days r not yet over, but can see that our friend Sun is out n shinning most of the days..

in the excitement to soak some sun..while going to park I twisted my leg as I excitedly walked towards the park…felt like a child running for her candy..

thank God it was just a sprian n I am back to being normal…

sunny days r here again…yo

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Happy post – Day 95 – Stress busters

I had an awful day @ work..

Just spending around 30 mins with my snow in the playground after picking her up from daycare..acting silly with her, running around the slides, tagging each other was so can stres-free wow..always knew it bit first time felt it truly 100%

Kids are a bundle of joy..

Truly felt blessed..😍😙

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Happy post – Day 94- secret wish (one in the huge list)

I am sure we all have a huge list of some secret things that we have tempted to do..One such tjing that crossed my mind recently when I saw the paper boat ad was this…

I always wanted to do this…

“Pull the chain in a running train”

so what’s ur naughty secret wish list..do share it would be fun to read..

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